Share data with Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service and very easy to use. We will use Dropbox in the following example to help you understand the basic ideas of data sharing in “ABA Teamwork LS”.  As long as the data of a student is accessible in a folder of each participating computer, you can use other cloud storage service or share data in other ways.

Let’s assume we have a behavior consultant whose name is Carol and Steven is one of her students. Carol leads a home based team doing behavior intervention for Steven. Intervention is taken place at Steven’s home and data is collected with “ABA Teamwork LS” on a small laptop. Carol would like to view Steven’s data including videos at home and she also wants to leave instructions on the communication book of the application to guide the intervention for Steven.

Setup steps on Steven’s laptop (the laptop that should be used to take session data for Steven and should be setup by Steven’s legal guardian – i.e. his mother Mary ).

1 Steven’s mother Mary register a Dropbox account.

2 Install Dropbox and install  “ABA Teamwork LS” on Steven’s laptop

3 On the Dropbox folder of Steven’s laptop, create a new folder called “Student Steven”.

4 Run “ABA Teamwork LS”, create a new student and name him “Steven”.

Enable data sharing for Steven on “ABA Teamwork LS”. Set as Student Side and data sharing folder should be the folder appeared at step 3 – “Student Steven”.

Share the folder “Student Steven” by sending a sharing invitation. For example, Mary can send a sharing invitation to the email address of Carol. If Carol doesn’t have a Dropbox account, she can always register one for free.

Setup steps on Carol’s computer

1 Install Dropbox and “ABA Teamwork LS“. Since the folder sharing invitation is sent to Carol, Carol’s email address should be used to register a Dropbox account.

2 Accept the folder sharing invitation sent by Mary. A shared folder “Student Steven” appears under the Dropbox folder.

3 Run “ABA Teamwork LS”, create a new student and name him “Steven”. 

4 Enable data sharing for Steven on “ABA Teamwork LS”. Set as Team Member Side and data sharing folder should be the folder appeared at step 2 – “Student Steven”.

At the time this article is written, Dropbox automatically gives the read and write privilege of the shared folder to all members. In the future, if you have a choice to change the privilege of the shared folder, you should keep giving the read and write privilege to Carol.

Another team member?

Mary can share the data to anyone she trusts with same why she share the data with Coral.

Add another student?

There is no limit on number of students in the application. Consultant Carol can setup another student just like the way she sets up Steven.

Is my Dropbox’s free space enough?

Dropbox gives every user minimum 2GB free space. Without video recording, data of a student can hardly grow above 30MB (1.5% of 2GB) on data sharing folder if the application is used in a normal way.

3 minutes video takes 25MB, if you have limited space on Dropbox, you should only record short video clips when necessary. You can also reduce the days of deleting old video on Student Side to save space.  The default value is 35 days, if you and your team always view data of a student remotely, you can change the value to 14 days or shorter, because a student’s video clips in data sharing folder are copied to the local application folder each time a team member uses the application for the student. You can set the value to 0 day if you want to totally stop the video sharing.  Learn more….

Even you used up your Dropbox quota, the system still works, only the data sharing stops. If you need more space on Dropbox, you can either upgrade your Dropbox to a paid edition or participate the referral program to earn more free space. If you are a behavior consultant or other professional,  you can invite your client to Dropbox first before he register himself. Even your client already has a Dropbox account, it is always a good idea to have a separate account only for ABA data sharing. Learn More…

Please keep in mind – the size of a folder shared with you will be counted against your quota. Learn more…. If you are a consultant and have many students, it always a good idea to earn more free space.