Who We Are

ABA Teamwork Inc. is a software company committed to providing practical, intuitive software solutions for caregivers, professionals and educators to help people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our Product

To computerize the data collection of ABA therapies, “ABA Teamwork LS”, a software application, is developed to replace the paper binder with a small laptop.

As parents of autistic children, we understand how inefficient to flip pages, how troublesome to copy data sheets and stack in binders, how unreadable the handwriting notes can be. With “ABA Teamwork LS”, all data can be stored in a small laptop. With a flexible, easy to use data form builder, all kinds of data forms can be built for any programs and targets.

Video recording is also a strength of “ABA Teamwork LS”.  With only two mouse-clicks, video can be recorded for a particular target and attached to the session data line for future review.

To learn more, please check our list of Demo Videos.

You can use “ABA Teamwork LS”  free of charge without the data sharing feature. However, with a small monthly fee, you can enable the data sharing feature, integrate with cloud storage service such as Dropbox, the student data including videos then can be shared on any computer that has internet access. That means – a behaviour consultant can review session data and watch session videos at anywhere and give feedback to guide the intervention taken place at a student’s home.

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