From ABA data sheets to computer

It takes a leap of faith to change from using pen and paper to using computer for ABA data collection. ABA teamwork probably offers the easiest transition you can find. Our application allows you to build various data forms similar to what you are using so your team can input and view data in similar but much more efficient ways. To learn more, please check our list of Demo Videos.

When you start to collect data with “ABA Teamwork LS“, the data becomes accessible from any computer with internet access if integrated with cloud storage service like Dropbox.

After installing “ABA Teamwork LS” on a student’s computer, follow the following steps, you will find the benefit is really worth the effort.

1 Add a new student

When you open the application for the first time, there is a default student with 4 programs with different data sheets. You can either use the the default student and change the student name or add a new student.

2 Customize model forms  

To give maximum flexibility, “ABA Teamwork LS” allows each program even each target has its own data form. However, you don’t need build same form again and again for different programs and targets, instead, you can setup model forms for this purpose.

“ABA Teamwork LS” is shipped with 2 model forms, you can customize these forms or add new forms. You should set the data form you always use as the default data form. The default data form will be automatically copied to a new added program. Same way the default review(maintenance) form is, however, it only appears if you specifically choose not to use baseline form to do review.

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3 Customize states

“ABA Teamwork LS” is shipped with 5 states for programs and targets – “Introduced”, “Mastered”, “Generalization”, “Generalized” and “Hold”. You can change or add more states based on the needs of your team.

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4 Add all the programs and targets

You need add all your active programs to the system.  For the targets, you only need add current targets and the targets need to be reviewed. For targets in the future, you can let your team members to add them when they need to.

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5 Customize data forms

Probably every data sheet you are using, simple or complicated, can be replaced by a good enough input form, created in a easy and intuitive way in “ABA Teamwork LS”.

In this application, each program even each target can have its own data form for baseline or review. Each form can be horizontal or vertical with up to 50 fields of different types. Targets of a program can be sequential or parallel. If you set targets to be parallel, all targets then appear on a single form layout of the program for data input. This is very helpful when you try to duplicate a complicated TA data sheet within the application.

You only need to customize baseline or review forms for some of your targets that need forms different from the default ones. “ABA Teamwork LS” shipped with 4 different programs with different forms for your reference. Delete them when you don’t need them. You can always get them back for reference when you add a new student.

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6 Scan your recent data sheet and attach to programs

It  requires a lots work to back fill the data of previous sessions into the system. The easier approach is to simply scan all your programs’ recent data sheets, attach to each program and have a fresh start.

7 Train your team

For all therapists, they need to know…

How to start and end a session

How to record video and attached to a session data line

How to change the state of a program or target

How to add a sequential target

How to review a program or target

How to add a record of behavior

How to switch the application between different students (If you need to use one computer for more than one student)

How to add/read messages or feedback in communication book

And one more thing – the keyboard tricks

For example, on some small computers keyboard “number lock” can be accidentally enabled and hard to get back to normal state. In this case, some letters become numbers when you type them. Find out these kind of tricks as much as you can and teach your team to be aware of them.

For a team lead/ senior/program supervisor …. 

How to add/change a program

How to add/change model forms

How to customize data form for a target or a program

How to backup and restore data

How to setup data sharing

8 On student’s computer check on “Start ABA Teamwork LS when I start Windows

Now, you are ready to use “ABA Teamwork LS” for data collection. If you want the the data to be accessible from any computer with internet access, check the following post.

Share data with Dropbox